My T.O.S

Last updated April 2023
Thank you for taking an interest in my work!
By commissioning me, you agree that you have fully read, understand and accept my terms of services.

Turnaround Time / Queue

Turnaround times range from two weeks to two months. I hold a full-time job along with offering commissions. I try to have sketches done and approved of within the first few days or a week after receiving a commission order. Note that I do receive commissions that take priority (pick up at con commissions) over regular commissions since I am an artist alley vendor at some cons. Check out my Twitter for any con updates.My Trello is also public but I have a habit of not updating it as frequently as I should. I try to work based on who ordered first, but if payment is not made within a 24-48 hour time frame, then the commission is pushed back until paid.NOTE: There are times where I do not post any updates in terms of commissions. Not to worry, I tend to take breaks from commissions and work on personal art or studies so my work is not sloppy.

Communication / Payment / Refund Policy

All communication regarding commissions will be done through your best form of contact (should be filled in on the order form). You may also email me via: [email protected] . I try to check it once every day from Monday-Friday and occasionally on the weekends. As stated before, I am an artist alley vendor at a few cons, so if you and I are attending the same con then we can schedule a con pick-up badge depending on how close we are to con time. Feel free to ask me which cons I'm attending!PAYMENTWhen you submit a commission request form, I will reach out using your best form of contact whether your request has been accepted. At this time, I will send an invoice via Square or Paypal which is 100% up front. You have five days to pay the invoice, failure to do so will result in an automatic cancellation in your commission slot. You will be send a reminder 24 hours before it is cancelled.REFUND POLICYI do not give out refunds unless it has been over three months of no updates or communication between myself and the commissioner. If I send you a sketch and you request a refund after the three month time frame, then a partial refund will be issued.If you are difficult to work with, then I reserve the right to cancel and refund your commission.


Once I receive payment, I will add you to my Trello and begin my queue in the order it is paid. I sketch out a draft via digital or traditional art and send it to you for approval. At this time, you are able to request changes to the sketch. You are welcome to point out details that I may have missed on the reference sheet provided. I will fix it and re-send it to you. After it has been approved, then I will move onto the lining and coloring. No changes will be made after I start this phase. Any changes will result in a fee based on how big of a change it is. Reference sheets should be flat colored with a clear view of the character. Multiple images are acceptable, but providing a clear reference sheet will guarantee a better outcome of your commission.NOTE: I own all 358 copic markers, and sometimes (rarely but it happens)... I don't have the correct color for your character. I try to get as close as I can to color accuracy with the markers I own. If I personally do not like how the badge is being colored, then I will start over and you will be updated of the delay.

Thank you again for your interest! I look forward to working with you!